Politics is broken, we need your help to fix it.

The major parties have rigged the system, good ideas don’t get heard, serious issues are ignored.

With your help a fairer and more democratic state is possible.

Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the Pirate Party

Our movement occupies a unique place in politics, providing leadership in the issues of today which you won’t find in other political parties – digital activism, human rights, economic responsibility and transparency of government. Small government, support for the disadvantaged, social programs and inclusion for the diversity of modern society are at our center.

We are champions of equality for all people, our policies cover a very broad array of public policy issues. We are fighting for an honest, accountable and a just United States. We are strongly opposed to corruption in all forms, we use our voice to challenge and propose alternatives to unfair business dealings and political processes.

Our history and legacy in coming from the world’s most active digital political melting pot of its time, our members are part of a broader cultural movement that is taking the world into a future where technology is used positively in building a more humane, more just society for all. Acutely aware that technology can be used for purposes other than the good of citizens, we believe that our voice, one that is knowledgeable and experienced in building this future is critically important for The United States now more than ever.

While the Pirate Party’s name was a reaction to the ‘anti-piracy’ movement, as Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party notes:

“Either we call ourselves the Pirate Party, and get to define what the name stands for, they reasoned, or we’ll be called the Pirate Party anyway, without control of what the name stands for.”

While the name may turn off some people, most likely they will already dismiss our values or say we shouldn’t challenge the two-party system.

Quite simply, we believe in personal privacy, free access to information, civil liberties and the rights of the individual against state and corporate power. Some people brand us pirates for that. Well, then we are pirates, and we stand tall and proud of it.

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